We don't lie about what is in our products, and we have nothing to hide with "broad terms". Know what you are putting in your clothes, and in the environment!


Without using crazy and harsh chemicals, we get your home clean with just a few simple ingredients - things you'd find in your kitchen - with a wonderful scent!

Family Run

We don't have a huge corporate structure with 15 CEO's. We're a small family run operation, and still make our cleaning soaps BY HAND. This allows us to give more back to the community!


Our laundry soaps are dry products that you can easily dissolve in water for the "liquid detergent" effect. Dry laundry soaps reduce processing, waste, huge bottles, and shipping/fuel costs!

Green Mission

A Whole New Way to Clean!

Help us help the wildfire victims and firefighters!

A Charity That Counts...

We have always wanted to donate to an organization that really makes an impact every day in the live in people. That's why a full $1 of every sale goes directly to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This wonderful organization leads the way in advanced therapies for cancers in children, and provides the best medical care and wholistic care for patient and family. We are proud to support them!

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A Charity For Pets!

For the year of 2014 - we are providing all of the laundry soap for the grooming areas of The Denver Dumb Friends League! Thats right, the prime organization for adoption in Colorado is supported by 5280! If you are looking for a dog, cat, or small pet for your home - this is the place for you! With multiple locations, viewing and seating areas, friendly staff, and a full array of resources to help you learn about your pet - you can't go wrong!

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A Charity For Birds!

For this year, we are also donating all of the laundry soap to The Gabriel Foundation. This is Denver's premier bird rescue, rehab, and adoption foundation with over 1,500 birds to choose from! 2 locations - downtown, and in Elizabeth - where they have HUGE outdoor bird runs, super passionate staff, and some of the friendliest (sometimes) birds you'll ever meet! Adopt a bird from anywhere in the world here! Buy a jar at their location and $4 gets donated to the birds!

Gabriel Foundation

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We don't believe that you have to use harsh chemicals that harm your skin and health, and destroy the environment, to clean your home or your clothes. We believe that mother nature has provided everything we need to stay healthy and clean wihout destroying the environment. Many of of ingredients and formulations go back thousands of years, and were used when people didn't have sanitary water, washing machines, or dry cleaning services.
Have you ever walked out on a crisp spring morning and taken a deep breath? That aroma is nature, not chemicals! We NEVER use chemicals in our products to deliver a scent to you. We always use all natural and organic essential oils that we source locally from Denver, CO. Our scents and strengths are formulated by hand to deliver the best scent, without an overpowering annoyance.
Want to know what sulfates are? Read the following, and know that we NEVER use sulfates or phosphates in our products! (NaturalNews) Sulfates are a group of detergents or surfactants that are used in countless consumer goods today. The most commonly used sulfates are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). These corrosive cleaning agents started off as an industrial strength cleaning additive since they easily cut through heavily soiled surfaces. It was around the 1930's when shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other foaming personal care products containing these synthetic detergents were introduced. They have remained in most commercial formulations ever since the public grew used to high-lather products. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036334_sulfates_skin_hair.html##ixzz2qaEE9aMi
We all know the damaging effects of chlorine - whether internal or external - but can you believe that some laundry soaps contain petrochemicals? Thats right, products derived from oil and natural gas, and they expect you to put it on your skin! You'll never find either of these in 5280's products!
We believe that people love to keep a clean home (and for those of us that struggle, we don't need harsh chemicals in the way of that goal). Our products can be used DAILY, on surfaces and clothing! You can walk into a home that smells of luscious lavender, jubilant jasmine, or earthy cedarwood! Mix and match! Have some lavender bedding, cedar closets, and a jasmine bath set! The possibilities are endless!
Sourced Locally, Produced Locally, Sold Locally - No Bix Box Stores - Better Wages For Employes - Hire US Employees & Veterans, Donate To The Community
During the year of 2014, 5280 will be providing all of the laundry soap for the Denver Dumb Friends League! This wonderful organization is the top adoption agency in Colorado with more success stories than we've ever seen! 5280 has adopted 2 dogs from this organization with great success!

Every month, 5280 sponsors a "Feeding Denver's Hungry" event in downtown Denver. We come together with people from all over the city that donate time and goods. We assemble bagged lunches and distribute them guerrilla style throughout the community to people in need! Check our Facebook page for pictures of those events!

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